Embedded textile pressure sensors at the plantar area of your foot and detachable electronic device

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Sensor-Infused Shoes

The new Sensoria® Smart Running Shoes feature textile pressure sensors and a new electronic device that connects to the award winning Sensoria® Run 2.0 mobile app. Monitor your pace, speed, ascent/descent, cadence, contact time, foot-landing technique and impact to help you improve your performance while reducing risk of injuries.

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Embeddable Electronics

Run Far. Run Fast. Run Healthy.™ thanks to the new and powerful Sensoria® Core. Ultra-light, ultra-low power SoC technology, Sensoria® Core connects to your smart shoes. Once your shoes have worn out and you are ready for a new pair, Sensoria® Core can be reused. With Sensoria®, you spend less and achieve more!


Sensoria® Smart Running Shoes help runners improve running form and increase performance. Sensoria® Run v2.0 features an artificial intelligence coach that understands where and how you run, and provides real-time audio and visual feedback during your run. Sensoria® Smart Running Shoes are more powerful, comfortable and accurate than any fitness band or smartwatch as they literally track your running at each step.


The Sensoria® Run companion app and the newly redesigned web dashboard allow you to compare you against your best self. Connect your new Sensoria® Smart Shoes to the app and start training smarter, not harder.


Mara is your coach who monitors your every step and provides actionable real-time feedback. She also provides motivation and lets you know when you are running outside of your preset parameters.

RealTime Feedback

Listen to your favorite music and let Mara talk to you. She lets you know how you are performing on core metrics such as cadence, foot landing, impact forces, so that you can improve performance as well as course-correct during your run to avoid risk of injury.

Training Plans

Customized based upon your goal and your performance whether that be your first 5k or your marathon personal best. The plans illustrate weekly and daily activities needed to be accomplished to complete your goal on target.

Just Run

Set the goals that are most important to you and track your progress. You can choose the frequency of when you want to receive feedback from your virtual coach. Just wear your earbuds. We will take care of the rest.

Me vs Myself

Mara works after your run too! The Sensoria® Web Dashboard provides a graphical trend analysis for each session. You can select your view by day, by week or by month and compare your results over time to maximize performance. Mara can recognize your favorite paths, and compare your run statistics.

Fancy more data?

Wear your favorite Bluetooth® Smart Heart Monitor, and Sensoria Run 2.0 will monitor your heart rate zone according to your age and gender.


The new Sensoria® Smart Shoes come in different sizes and colors. Select yours during pre-order.


You can be among the first to experience the Sensoria® Smart Running Shoes. Simply reserve your pair today at 50% off the $199 retail price!

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Get your pair of shoes, one Sensoria® Core and charger at the introductory price of $149

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Don't just take our word for it: from Professional Athletes to New Runners...Sensoria is a Hit!


Coming from a professional runner, it helps to improve your running mechanics by telling you when you are in the correct and incorrect running positions.

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Sensoria's product told me I was running flat-footed and encouraged me, through its virtual coach, to be mindful of my foot strike.

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I enjoyed listening to the feedback on my running form, which tends to get sloppy on easier runs and at the end of workouts, but Sensoria® kept me running smart!

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Sensoria combines the proven benefits of a high quality hand stitched running shoe with the newest innovations in sensors and electronics to provide each runner with a comfortable and quantified user experience.

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Sensoria® Core is the ultimate device for smart footwear. Ultra-light, ultra-low power SoC technology, it connects to your Sensoria® Smart Shoes.



Research & Development

Sensoria® HW/FW Development
Shoe Prototyping

JAN 2017

Announcement at CES 2017

Showcase early prototypes
Runner's World Award

JAN-OCT 2017

Design, Development, Testing

Sensoria® Core final HW design
Completion FW development
Final design of sensor kit
Final Design of shoe
Pre-production samples
Sensoria®Run upgrade

NOV-DEC 2017

Final Testing and Certification


JAN 2018

Preview at CES 2018

JAN 2018

Mass Production


Shipping Pre-Orders



Connect your smart running shoes and Sensoria® Core to Sensoria Run v2.0 and access your very own artificial intelligence running coach!

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